Meet Katka P., a Supply Chain Manager at Aptar

With locations in 20 countries and customers that span the entire globe, ensuring the right materials and products are in the right hands at the right time has become an increasingly complex task. Here at Aptar, we rely on talented and innovative logistics specialists like Katka to ensure our operations remain in step with the production process.

What are your job responsibilities?

As a Supply Chain Manager, I’m involved in customer service, purchasing, production, planning, shipping and warehousing. I’m also responsible for relational database management.

What do you like best about your job?

Since joining Aptar 18 years ago, I’ve had the opportunity to work in almost all of our commercial departments as well as our production planning department. I’ve left a piece of my heart in all of them.

I’m always excited to work with my colleagues, and we are fortunate enough to work in a place surrounded by the beautiful nature of the South Bohemian forest of the Czech Republic. I invite you to visit our plant, just plug these coordinates into your navigation system: 49°06’47.5″N 13°50’15.4″E.

How would you explain Aptar’s culture?

We believe in people as individuals, and we know the power of teamwork and cooperation. Aptar engages employees and we are encouraged to take the initiative while maximizing our creativity and potential. We are all responsible for promoting Aptar’s continued growth through an emphasis on effectiveness and a focus on customer satisfaction.

Can you explain the international aspect of the work you do?

More than 90 percent of our sales come from customers outside my country. In order to facilitate international sales, all of our customer service representatives speak at least three languages: Czech, German and English.

How does Aptar encourage and support innovation?

For many years we’ve encouraged our employees to participate in our innovative ideas program. It’s open to everybody regardless of job position or experience. Over time, it has proven to be the right approach to encourage employees to bring forth new ideas that will improve our products, processes and services.

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