Meet Iris, an Assembly Team Specialist at Aptar

Iris K. is an Assembly Team Specialist and Employee Representative at Aptar

Providing open communication channels and encouraging employees to share ideas is central to solving problems and maintaining a smooth production process here at Aptar. We rely on employee representatives like Iris to help facilitate discussions and encourage innovation, especially on the assembly floor. With over 29 years of experience working for Aptar in Radolfzell, Germany, Iris is a critical member of our global assembly team.

What are your job responsibilities?

I handle a number of responsibilities, including assigning workers to equipment and machinery stations, monitoring orders, and using our relational database system to provide feedback of production and material data.

What do you like best about your job?

The people! The daily interaction with employees in the assembly process, from the mechanics, to the Quality Authority members, and all other departments, is what I like most and what makes me happy at my job. We all spend a lot of time at work, so doing something you love is important. I am fortunate enough to have this opportunity at Aptar. There is so much flexibility here, whether in designing my daily job responsibilities or by learning new things. Going to work with a smile is the most important thing and most of the time I succeed.

What’s the most exciting product or project you’ve worked on?

The new bag-on-valve technology department at Radolfzell has been incredibly rewarding. Bag-on-valve systems hold the product separate from the propellant, insuring product purity. This fast-filling design uses compressed air or nitrogen outside the bag for eco-friendly dispensing. The process of navigating through setbacks and successes, daily ups and downs, and the continual learning of new concepts has demanded considerable strength and effort. Everyone is on board with propelling this project to success, and this effort is what brings new perspectives to Aptar every day.

How does Aptar encourage and support innovation?

Above all, Aptar seeks and promotes innovation by developing individual initiative.

Instead of requiring us to stick with the old methods, we are encouraged to try something different, even though it may mean making a mistake. In Radolfzell, with all the new production processes, this approach is more important than ever.

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