Meet Hélène, an Innovation Engineer at Aptar

Aptar’s Beauty + Home division provides customers with a creative range of products and services for the beauty, personal care and home care markets. We rely on talented Innovation Engineers like Hélène to anticipate customer and consumer needs and expectations and rapidly turn them into innovative delivery systems. Hélène specializes in raw materials and began her career with Aptar 14 years ago in the laboratory and is now part of our Beauty + Home innovation team.

Hélène, what’s the most exciting product or project you’ve worked on at Aptar?

The interesting part of my job is that I have the opportunity to work on various projects, but the most exciting one was where I had to find the right material to use for a bulb atomizer for perfume bottles, which uses new materials to make the bulb feel soft when touched by consumers. The material was not easy to discover and the validation was hard but proved to be a real success.

How does Aptar encourage and support innovation?

Aptar adapts its packaging through formula evolutions to meet our customers’ requests. To do this, we have to search, imagine and discover new technologies to decorate the package and to protect the product inside. We also need to seek out new material in order to give our packaging certain properties. I am fortunate to have the opportunity to study new materials and to discover new suppliers who can support our innovation efforts.

What do you like best about your job?

There are many things I like about my job. First, I’m able to meet new people inside and outside of Aptar. Inside Aptar, I work with different teams at our Beauty + Home facility in Le Neubourg, France, and also with different Aptar plants around the world. Outside of Aptar, I work with several raw material producers and distributors in order to gain an understanding of their material range in order to provide the best solution to our expert center team.

How would you explain Aptar’s culture?

We want to provide the best solutions for our customers in terms of delivery, quality and product safety. To be able to give the best, Aptar leverages the strengths and diversity of its employees.

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