Leadership at Aptar is Enhanced by the Children of India’s Vatsalya Foundation

Ecstatic voices of children and their friends echoed all around during the visit of Aptar to the Vatsalya Foundation, Mumbai centre. These visits, which are part of an annual affair, are a much-awaited fanfare for the kids with a track and field day filled with games and outdoor challenges. The Vatsalya Foundation was established in 1982 and is a pioneer agency in India working with street children in Mumbai through its multilevel approach of outreach, child-to-child contact, contact centers and a shelter home. Aptar has been working with the Vatsalya Foundation since 2010.

The event was presided by Stephan Tanda, President and CEO of Aptar. He said, “The kids of Vatsalya are the epitome of converting challenges into opportunities. The work done by the Foundation earmarks their belief in bringing about a social change. We are proud to be associated with them.”

Members of Aptar’s CASA leadership training team were also in attendance. The CASA leadership training brings people together to exchange experiences in the spirit of continuous improvement and is focused on the following principles: learning from others, learning from art, learning from nature, learning outside of your comfort zone and creating a unique environment to reflect and learn by emotions and senses.

“When I spent the day with the children of the Vatsalya Foundation, I felt happy and humbled. Their trusting eyes let me see a new world around me, a world of beauty and innocence, yet full of hope. I felt a sense of responsibility,” explained Xiangwei Gong, President, Aptar Asia.