L’Oreal Selects Aptar’s Fine Mist Spray Pump for New Lancôme Fragrance

La Nuit Trésor, the new fragrance for women by Lancôme, opens a new chapter in the history of the luxury brand, with a romantic and inviting perfume featuring Aptar’s fine mist spray pump called Precious.

Recently launched in the 50 ml format, the fragrance is transformed by a technology that combines gentle actuation and continuous diffusion, created by the Precious spray from Aptar Beauty + Home. Using only very light pressure, the spray will gradually diffuse the blend of scents including: black rose essence, Tahitian vanilla orchid, natural incense, papyrus essence and lychee praeline.

To honor the fragrance’s romantic setting, dressed in a diamond and furnished with a rose tied in black satin, L’Oréal selected Aptar’s Precious spray for the quality of its continuous diffusion with a delicate mist.

“We chose the Precious spray, because it provides a dual sensation of gentleness and, through the quality of its diffusion, it reveals all the sensuality of this perfume with romantic aromas. The mist effect brings a real richness to the product which is different from the pumps usually chosen for the Lancôme range,” explained Laura Pommereau, Marketing Director at Lancôme.

Advantages of the Precious pump:
– Spray combining gentle activation and continuous diffusion
– Spray activated by very light finger pressure
– Diffusion three times longer with the same quantity of fragrance
– Mist effect: extreme uniformity of spray, combined with fine particles

Choose Precious from Aptar Beauty + Home for a unique and sensual perfume experience. For more information, please send an email to Aptar Beauty + Home press relations: nataly.joubert@wanadoo.fr.