Aptar Pharma Featured in ONdrugDelivery’s Ophthalmic Issue January 2020

In this month’s Ophthalmic Drug Delivery issue of ONdrugDelivery magazine, read about how Aptar Pharma is delivering on the growing need for topical preservative-free ophthalmic treatments.  Authored by Matthias Birkhoff, Vice-President Business Development at Aptar Pharma, this article gives an overview of the existing technologies available in ophthalmic drug delivery and describes the progress that has been made in topically-applied medications. Birkhoff asserts that more and more topical applications are required to be provided as preservative-free formulations in multi-dose delivery systems, such as Aptar Pharma’s Ophthalmic Squeeze Dispenser (OSD), the only U.S. FDA-reviewed multi-dose eye dispenser. This article also introduces a new market standard for testing microbial integrity in preservative-free formulations, the TSIT 2.0, which has recently been developed by Aptar Pharma.

Read the full article here.