Aptar Aims to be Landfill Free

This article was last updated on December 9, 2015

Aptar’s internal Landfill Free program encourages the reduction, reuse and recycling of waste byproducts from our manufacturing processes. Site-level waste management processes are audited to internal standards by a third-party. Facilities that are able to show at least 90 percent reuse/recycling are recommended for internal certification. View the list of Aptar facilities that have achieved the internal Landfill Free certification here.

Our Landfill Free program has helped us achieve reductions in the amount of hazardous and non-hazardous wastes we send to landfills. Below is a photo showing how our sustainability teams in Italy commissioned Moreno Pola, Aptar employee and local artist, to create sculptures made of recyclable cardboard. The sculptures are prominently displayed in the on-site cafeterias, bringing awareness to the program and engaging employees.

Cardboard artwork