Aptar’s Connecticut Campuses Win 2014 GreenCircle Awards

Photo: GreenCircle sustainability awards are prominently displayed at Aptar Stratford.

Aptar is proud to recognize its regional campuses in Connecticut: Aptar Stratford, Aptar Torrington and Philson, Inc. in Watertown, as recipients of the 2014 GreenCircle Award. This is the twelfth consecutive year that our facilities in Watertown and Stratford have been recognized with GreenCircle awards for going above and beyond in their efforts to protect the environment and its natural resources. It also marks over a decade’s worth of GreenCircle awards for our Torrington location.

Each year, the Connecticut Department of Energy and Environmental Protection (DEEP) recognizes Connecticut businesses and individuals who have gone above and beyond in their efforts to protect the environment and its natural resources.

Aptar Stratford was recognized for building a new warehouse that incorporates energy efficiency as a key component in the planning process. The warehouse features high-efficiency lighting and heating units, occupancy sensors, LED outdoor lighting and a furnace that reduces natural gas consumption. The project is reducing Stratford’s annual energy costs by over $25,000.

Aptar’s Torrington facility received the award after implementing all-electric injection molding machines that eliminate the need for hydraulic oil, which reduced power needs by one-third and eliminated the need for cooling water. The new machines allowed Torrington to eliminate a cooling tower, which helped save over 100,000 kWH of electricity as well as large volumes of water. A recommissioned heating and air conditioning system also helped save energy.

Based on a company-wide carbon footprint study, Aptar Philson has implemented a variety of energy and waste reduction projects.  This has resulted in over a 50% reduction in Philson’s carbon emissions over the past six years.  Key to this achievement is the conversion of the company’s steam boiler from fuel oil to natural gas.

GreenCircle award recipients are leaders within the community, providing an intensified focus on reducing energy and water consumption, increasing recycling, promoting conservation efforts and providing educational programs for employees.