Aptar CEO, Stephan Tanda, Participates in a Chicago Panel Discussion on The Future of Packaging

Sustainability in packaging is a key focus area and was a topic of discussion at the recent Chicago conference sponsored by Smithers Pira and L.E.K. Consulting entitled “The Future of Packaging”.

The conference featured a panel discussion with thought leaders and executives from the following companies: Loop Industries, MWNY, Berry Global, Novolex and Aptar. During the panel discussion, Aptar’s President and CEO, Stephan Tanda, highlighted the benefits of the soon-to-launch Loop platform, a circular shopping platform that transforms the packaging of everyday essentials from single-use disposable, to durable. Products are delivered to consumers’ homes in upgraded reusable packaging and once the product contents are used, the container is placed back into the Loop Tote and scheduled for pick up. Loop hygienically cleans and replenishes what was returned.

Tanda explained, “The Loop program is about making containers reusable and reducing waste.” Today, Aptar is actively collaborating with its customers on refillable products and is supporting their participation in the Loop by providing pumps.

“There are many solutions possible and no matter whether the container is glass, plastic, aluminum or something else, there is a need for Aptar’s advanced dispensing solutions,” Tanda stated. He also described how many of Aptar’s pumps can be recycled depending on the local recycling program, and can also be designed for reuse.

Aptar remains focused on furthering its sustainability efforts and has recently signed the Ellen MacArthur Foundation’s New Plastics Economy Global Commitment, and is a member of the World Business Council for Sustainable Development. Aptar believes that it is critical to be part of the solution to the plastic problem our world faces today and is committed to networking with other thought leaders in the industry to address this issue. The Future of Packaging conference was a great opportunity to share collective knowledge around furthering sustainability in packaging.