Video: Aptar’s BAP® Solution for Protein Powder Packaging

Aptar recently attended a major fitness convention in Las Vegas to put our most recent BAP® (Bonded Aluminum to Plastic) solution to the test. We gave consumers a typical protein powder package with a screw-on overcap and a package with the new BAP® 120 Flip Top closure and asked for their feedback.

Watch what consumers had to say about Aptar’s BAP® solution for protein powder in the video below.

The new BAP® 120 Flip Top was the preferred solution for all of the consumers we met with. Consumers explained how simple and easy it is to flip the lid open, how convenient it is to use the pull ring to remove the foil. Consumers also liked the fact that the scoop is featured on top in a special scoop holder, protected from the powder (#ScoopOnTopForever).

Consumers stressed the many benefits of Aptar’s BAP® solution including convenience, cleanliness, hygiene, product freshness and innovation. Consumers agreed they would like to see this innovative solution on every protein package.

The benefits of Aptar’s BAP® solution go beyond providing an excellent consumer experience, Aptar’s BAP® technology also provides a wide range of benefits to marketers including:

  • BAP® allows savings not only on the container weight, but also on labor and production efficiency
  • Additional savings can be obtained in the manufacturing process, especially with scoop placing equipment, since the scoops comes attached to the closure
  • BAP® also provides great tamper evidence and anti-counterfeit benefits keeping the product fresh and safe

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