Aptar Provides Innovative Dispensing Solutions

Vision inspired. Values based. Leadership driven. At Aptar, our core values lie at the heart of our ability to envision, engineer and produce dispensing solutions that improve the lives of millions of consumers across the globe. We make it possible for you to conveniently dispense your shampoo, perfume, bottled water, ketchup, cleaning spray and pharmaceuticals, along with thousands of other products that you rely on each year.

With nearly 13,000 employees in 18 countries dedicated to adapting to and innovating around ever-changing market needs; Aptar’s customer oriented approach has made us a global leader in the dispensing and packaging industry. Our proprietary knowledge, technical expertise, and persistent emphasis on innovation allow us to provide customers with unique, state of the art products in markets such as prescription drug, consumer health care, injectables, beauty, personal care, food, beverage and home care.

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