Technology Behind Intranasal Drug Administration

When discussing new Pharma projects and products with our customers, it is important to highlight the technology behind dispensing systems. Four years ago, Aptar was invited to contribute a book chapter on pharmaceutical technology by InTech, an open access publisher. The chapter titled, “Multi-Dose Container for Nasal and Ophthalmic Drugs: A Preservative Free Future?” provided a short introduction into the world of preservative-free dispensing systems and has reached significant download numbers.

Recently, we again were provided with the opportunity to share some insight into the technology of intranasal drug administration and some requirements for the successful development of such projects. The most recent book chapter “Intranasal Drug Administration — An Attractive Delivery Route for Some Drugs” was published in June 2015. Enjoy reading the chapter and feel free to share the link. If you have questions about the article, please send us an email at