Softips: A Direct, Soft and Controlled Way to Dispense

In today’s personal care market, consumers seek innovative packaging solutions which simplify their life and enhance their overall user experience.

In response to consumer needs, Aptar Beauty + Home has developed Softips, an innovative dispensing solution featuring Aptar’s patented silicone valves. With the 20/410 threaded closure neck, Softips is designed for users that require a precise, directional and controlled way to dispense hair serums or lotion products.

Softips is the perfect packaging response for consumers who are looking for a convenient and clean way to dispense formulas directly onto the scalp. Aptar’s Softips solution is changing the rules of hair care and body care by providing:

  • Luxurious, precise and direct application
  • Gentle and soft application for clean and controlled dispensing of serums, creams and powders
  • Two different silicone tips: PinPoint with a fine tip that is ideal for targeted applications and RibbonTip, a wider tip which is ideal for viscous formulas

Softips: a direct, soft and controlled way to dispense.

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