SimpliSqueeze® Offers Solutions for Inverted and Flexible Packaging

“Rolling-sleeve” valve provides ultimate user control and convenience with non-drip benefit


SimpliSqueeze®, a valve solution with 20 years of proven consumer success, is the breakthrough technology that makes inverted and flexible packaging work for modern consumers. Offering hundreds of production and prototype valve designs in a variety of shapes, sizes, colors and slit configurations, SimpliSqueeze® can be customized according to unique or specialized requirements of the product – providing superior dispensing performance every time.

“SimpliSqueeze® is the only valve on the market designed specifically to provide the same dispensing performance time and time again–whether a consumer is at home or on-the-go,” states Susan DeGroot, Director of Product Marketing at Aptar. “As one of our most versatile and proven technologies, SimpliSqueeze® continues to create reliable solutions for inverted and flexible packaging with superior spill control and cleanliness.”

With over 25 years of research, development and performance testing behind the widest breadth and depth of valve solutions in the industry, Aptar’s SimpliSqueeze® valve portfolio offers a number of solutions by integrating a tiny “rolling sleeve” valve into the cap. Key features and benefits of this technology, include:

  • Shock absorbency during transit or if accidentally knocked over
  • A “floating” head that prevents slits from opening unintentionally – ideal for inverted applications
  • A rolling motion allows the valve to open gradually, which reduces the risk of sudden splatter and creates a controlled dispense
  • Clean product cut-off with superior realignment and sealing of slits
  • Maximized flow rate and reduced squeeze force, especially for small diameter valves
  • Greater air ventilation back into the container to avoid package distortion

These benefits and features enable SimpliSqueeze® to make inverted packaging work for the fast-paced lifestyles of modern consumers avoiding mess and waste. Additionally, it is now bringing convenience to flexible packaging allowing products that have historically been marketed in jars or tubs to be moved to the refrigerator door for quick, easy access.

With its proven track record and over 30 billion valves sold, SimpliSqueeze® delivers the ultimate dispensing convenience. Aptar’s Applications Testing Lab will work hand-in-hand with the CPG teams to ensure the SimpliSqueeze® valve will not only provide superior dispensing performance, but also give brands the advantage to stand out, rise to the top and grow market share.

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