Shigeta Selects Fine Mist Spray Pump for Awakening Rose Water Mist

Shigeta, the French-Japanese organic cosmetics brand, has selected Aptar Beauty + Home’s Mist’erious cosmetic spray due to its enveloping mist action that is dedicated to well-being.

Shigeta’s Awakening Rose Water Mist is made up of 100% of pure organic rose floral water. It contains no additives or preservatives. This facial mist provides an abundance of benefits to promote softness. It soothes, regenerates, and refines skin texture, helping to perfect makeup.

Other features include soft and adjustable actuation for excellent dosage control. The long and continuous spray, up to three times longer than a traditional spray, produces an ethereal cloud. This continuous spray features a reliable and robust cartridge with a “long-time spray” insert.

Mist’erious can be easily adjusted to fit bottles with screw tops, crimp tops or expanded tops, and is available with a metal or plastic collar.

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