PZ Heaven: A New Spray Technology by Aptar Beauty + Home

PZ Heaven, a new spray technology by Aptar, delivers an enriched sensorial experience, by providing a longer and dryer feeling spray.

Enriched sensorial experience
Enjoy the same level of product delivery from a traditional fine mist but with a spray that feels so much more luxurious. The prolonged spray makes for a sensuous delivery experience.

Longer duration spray
The new spray technology of PZ Heaven provides a longer duration spray with a given dosage. With a spray up to three times longer, it allows consumers to apply body sprays with a sweeping gesture for increased coverage and uniform fragrance.

Dryer feeling spray
The luxurious spray gesture of PZ Heaven gives broader coverage. The wider gesture dispenses an extremely homogeneous spray with fine particle break up, giving the feeling of a dryer spray. Consumers enjoy the quick dry feeling, optimizing the product coverage.

PZ Heaven is designed for water and alcoholic based formulations.

For more information, please send an email to: susanne.traeris@aptar.com