Nasal and Sublingual Spray Delivery Devices: Market Opportunities and Unmet Medical Needs

Inhalation Magazine recently published an article in its June 2016 issue about nasal and sublingual spray delivery devices, including the market opportunities and unmet medical needs. The four page technical article was written by Gerallt Williams, Director of Scientific Affairs at Aptar Pharma. In the article he unveils the uses and advantages of nasal drug and sublingual spray delivery. The following is an excerpt from the Inhalation Magazine article.

Uses and advantages of nasal drug and sublingual spray delivery

Nasal drug delivery devices have been in use for more than 40 years and are a widely recognized route for topical treatment of local diseases in the nasal cavity such as allergic and non-allergic rhinitis and nasal congestion.

In addition, nasal drug delivery has emerged as a successful option for needle-free delivery of systemic drugs where rapid absorption and onset of action are necessary, for instance, in pain management, migraine crisis and opioid overdosing episodes.


Increasing global health care needs

 By 2030, there will be 1 billion people over 65 years of age worldwide compared to 600 million currently, and healthcare must adapt to this changing demography.

In addition, healthcare costs are rising globally and there is a growing demand for therapeutically relevant medications that can be developed quickly and at reasonable costs for a variety of diseases and high unmet medical needs.

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