Mist’erious: When Skincare Becomes a Mist

To address the trend in cosmetic sprays, Aptar Beauty + Home is launching Mist’erious at Luxepack Monaco,  a new spray dedicated to facial skincare combining sensory and efficiency.

Mist’erious: When skincare becomes a mist
Mist’erious creates a very new spray application, exuding pure lavishness and finesse, for an ultra-luxurious sensation. Its smooth and adjustable actuation provides the perfect dosage control for a sophisticated skincare routine. It also provides an exceptionally fine, practically imperceptible mist that is quickly absorbed for near-instant moisturization.

Mist’erious: A spray up to three times longer
The long and continuous spray (up to three times longer than a traditional spray) produces an ethereal cloud, leaving skin feeling soft and fresh for an unforgettable experience of well-being. This spray innovation is the indispensable partner for the formulations like tonic waters, glycolic aqueous solutions, floral waters and emulsions.

Mist’erious: Technology offers a well-being experience
The aerial and continuous spray combines a reliable and robust cartridge with a long time spray insert. Two dosages – 140 µl and 200 µl- have been selected to offer a continuous mist sensation.

Mist’erious is available in a large range of fixations for easy adaptation on bottles. It is available with a metal or plastic collar for aesthetic options.

For more information, please send an email to newsroom@aptar.com.