La Petite: The Undeniable Charm of Aptar Beauty + Home for Azzaro Homme Intense

With its elegant, refined  packaging, Aptar Beauty + Home enhances a new creation in sensuality by Azzaro, Azzaro Pour Homme Intense, an opulent and enveloping eau de parfum whose intense, sophisticated fragrance is revealed through Aptar’s ultra-compact La Petite spray pump.

To enhance their new creation, Azzaro chose La Petite spray application from Aptar Beauty + Home, ideal for preserving the fragrance’s olfactory neutrality.

Elegant and discreet

With aesthetically pleasing elegant and refined lines, La Petite is the most sensorial spray available today in the super low-profile market.

Aptar technology was used to ensure a top-quality spray action for extremely fine fragrance diffusion. Here, La Petite succeeds in providing a combination of sensuality and intensity to enhance the noble ingredients that form the updated version of this classic men’s fragrance.

The matte black cap reflects the aesthetics that Azzaro pour Homme Intense embodies so well. Aptar’s La Petite spray pump, also customized in matte black, is invisible inside the bottle letting the fragrance center stage.

In working with Les Parfums Azzaro for this new edition, Aptar Beauty + Home is once again collaborating in a new olfactory adventure.

The advantages of La Petite

  • Ultra-compact exterior dimensions (minimised visible height) and invisible inside (an invisible pump body)
  • Extremely fine homogenous particles for maximum spray quality and delicate actuation
  • Complete olfactory neutrality: no contact between the fragrance and the metal

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