Irresistible: Airless Packaging at the Cutting Edge of Technology

Aptar Beauty +Home continues the development of ultra-protective packaging, created for sensitive formulas with few or no preservatives and expands the Irresistible range.

Irresistible: Make cosmetics infallible
The lines between dermo-cosmetics and pharmaceutical products are converging towards a similar need: the search for an ultra-protective pack for fragile formulas that would offer optimal protection through the life of the product. Irresistible is airless packaging at the cutting edge of technology.

Irresistible is the unique Airless PFS (Preservative Free System) dosing packaging developed for cosmetics
Enhanced by the most innovative technologies, it optimizes the security of the product throughout its shelf life due to the enhanced protection it offers. Because it is ultra-protective, it prevents any microbiological contamination inside the bottle, avoiding any formula distortion: fading, instability and germ proliferation, particularly bacteria. Irresistible provides the high technicality of a pump combined with an ultra protective pouch system.

Irresistible is an ultra-protective and breakthrough pump based on three complementary technologies:

  • A sterilizing filter
  • A hermetic obturator – tip seal
  • A perfect sealing due to the ultrasonic welding of the tip seal to the actuator

Combined with the gaplast coextruded pouch systems, Irresistible is a very high performance system

The pouch system prevents any risk of leakage on a broad range of viscosities. It also guarantees optimal compatibility for formula and packaging: the materials of the pouch are chosen to ensure neutrality with the formula; the contact with the bottle components is avoided so there is no risk of interaction between content and container.

Irresistible, a large range to satisfy all brand needs
Irresistible is available in four sizes in order to offer the brands different dispensing solutions for the development of their skincare ranges: 20 ml, 30 ml (available soon), 40 ml and 50 ml.

Irresistible has two collar finish options:
Irresistable is available with a straight metal collar with silver or gold finish as a standard for a more prestige positioning, or a curved plastic collar with a matte plastic finish for a more affordable offer. Color options are also available for the bottle and pouch, as well as silk-screen decorating.

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