Inverted Pouch Trend Upends Food Packaging: Chico Honey

This article was originally published in Packaging Digest.

A category-first application of the inverted pouch aims to have retail and e-commerce consumers abuzz about the no-mess convenience of Chico Honey’s new packaging.

Thriving packaging segments draw brand owners like blossoms draw bees.

For example, consider the inverted pouch. Starting in 2015 with Daisy brand sour cream, the topsy-turvy revision of the universally popular stand-up pouch continues to gain traction with brands across a widening swath of packaged foods from barbecue sauce to yogurt (see article links at the end).

The reason that the format has proven such a winner is that pouch inversion enhances convenience, reduces waste, can prolong the shelf life of sensitive products as the pack head-space is reduced in use and it provides on-shelf distinction.

The latest category to embrace the functional benefits of this consumer-friendly format is honey, starting with the U.S. introduction of a 20-ounce inverted pouch from Chico Honey Co., Orland, CA, this summer.

This breakthrough in the category also marks the brand’s entry into flexible packaging.

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