High-Precision and High-Tech Design for Givenchy’s Doctor White 10 Serum

For the launch of its new High Precision Whitening Spot Eraser, Givenchy has partnered with Aptar Beauty + Home to enhance its Doctor White 10 serum using Aptar’s innovative and refined packaging called Serumony.

To add elegance and finesse to the Doctor White 10 High Precision Whitening Spot Eraser, Givenchy selected Aptar’s Serumony dispensing solution. The new, high-tech pioneering skin care serum, which targets every type of pigmentation spot, uses Serumony to provide a more intuitive gesture, which perfectly combines a high-tech design and extreme precision on the areas to be treated.

“We selected the Serumony package proposed by Aptar Beauty + Home for its many qualities, including the precision and elegance that is typical of the upmarket Doctor White 10 skin care range,” said Marjorie Robert-Espaze, International Marketing Director at Givenchy.

Serumony delivers a high-tech product image and high-precision application on dark spots due to many features including:
– Perfect airless protection for its unique formula
– A high-precision application which evokes the concept of the product by enabling a precise treatment
– Perfect control of the dosage that allows a tailored application for consumers

Additional benefits of Serumony packaging:
– Extreme precision of the dosage as it only delivers one drop of elixir
– Excellent product evacuation
– A wide choice of decor
– A perfect 15 ml travel-friendly product

With its sleek and refined design, Serumony offers a rare sensory experience with a unique, ergonomic and intuitive gesture which will delight even the most demanding consumers.

For more information, please send an email to Aptar Beauty + Home press relations : nataly.joubert@wanadoo.fr