HiFlow Airless: New Airless Dispenser by Aptar Beauty + Home

Consistent with the formulation trends in body care, HiFlow Airless is the new Aptar solution providing a higher restitution rate and formula protection, even with very thick formulation.

HiFlow Airless is affordable and attractive, offering a sleek, super performance pack for your personal care products. Aptar’s HiFlow Airless completes our range of Airless pumps on the coextruded bottle, offering a high dosage pump solution for bottle sizes from 400 ml up to 1L or more.

Exclusive design
Our 4cc dispenser ensures on-shelf differentiation and convenience. With our metal-free pathway, it provides an easy product compatibility. The shower proof feature prevents water invasion in wet environments.

High restitution rate
HiFlow Airless allows higher restitution rate even with high viscous formulations.

Formula Protection
Due to Aptar’s airless technology, formulas are protected against environmental influences allowing a reduction of preservative agents.

For more information, please send an email to susanne.traeris@aptar.com