Give Consumers a Delightful Barbecue Experience this Summer with Aptar Food + Beverage’s Snap Top Closures

Polka, Makalu and Royal are a few of Aptar Food + Beverage’s innovative snap top closures for sauces and condiments. They allow consumers an easy and convenient dispense for products like ketchup, mustard, barbecue sauce and mayo, among others.

These closures can be used on inverted or upright packages, and have the ability to incorporate Aptar’s SimpliSqueeze® valve to provide even more control and cleanliness by preventing product leak or waste. The wide finger recess and easy-open lid on these closures allows for one-handed usage, while Royal’s bi-colored design makes the product stand out on shelves. Altogether, these solutions provide consumers a delightful barbecue experience during the summer, and all year long!

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