Flexible Packaging for the Personal and Home Care Markets

Photo: The Boe brand in the Dominican Republic launches a variety of products using Aptar’s Galaxy pouch fitment

Aptar is bringing consumer preferred, technical innovation in the form of flexible packaging to the personal care and home care markets. Flexible packaging is seeing an increasing shelf presence in Latin America.

Aptar has successfully entered the flexible packaging market in Latin America by teaming with the Boe brand in the Dominican Republic to provide our Galaxy pouch fitment on a variety of products in the personal care and home care markets. The range of products includes multipurpose cleaners, softeners, dishwashing soaps, hair gels and mosquito repellents for the Latin America market.

Pouches can offer sustainable features and technical innovations, while the visual appeal and performance of this pack type is becoming more diverse and creative across multiple categories. Consumer perception about pouches is summarized in a few concepts: value, versatility and beauty.

For more information about flexible packaging, please send an email to Mayra.sosa@aptar.com.