Evolving the Mayonnaise Category

New look and function for dispensing mayonnaise

Unilever recently launched a new, innovative package design for their Hellmann’s/Best Foods mayonnaise featuring a custom clean lock cap produced by Aptar. The closure has an asymmetrical bi-injected design that brings a different look to the mayo category and differentiates their product in the condiment space. The clear cap highlights a directional spout with our SimpliSqueeze® silicone valve that provides the ultimate controlled and clean dispense.

The new Hellmann’s mayo packaging features a custom, bi-injected clean lock cap with a precision tip and our SimpliSqueeze® valve.

And consumers love it!

Hellmann's Consumer Feedback

Read an article in Packaging Digest highlighting this innovative new packaging. If you would like to know more about this custom closure or Aptar’s stock solutions for mayo and other food products, please email infofood.gbl@aptar.com.