Benefits of Unit and Bi-dose Nasal and Sub-lingual Drug Delivery Devices

Pharmaceutical Manufacturing and Packing Sourcer (PMPS) magazine recently featured an article in their Autumn 2015 issue about the benefits of unit and bi-dose nasal and sub-lingual drug delivery devices.

This article, written by Gerallt Williams, Director of Scientific Affairs at Aptar Pharma, explains why these types of devices are attracting pharma’s attention. The following is an excerpt from the PMPS article:


Nosing Around

Nasal drug delivery is already well-established as the preferred means to topically treat local diseases of the nasal cavity, such as allergic and nonallergic rhinitis and nasal congestion. More recently, nasal – as well as sublingual – drug delivery has emerged as a successful route for needle-free vaccination and systemic delivery of drugs where rapid absorption and action are necessary – for example, in pain management and migraine crisis. Other benefits of these types of delivery include avoidance of compound degradation in the gastrointestinal tract and bypassing of first pass metabolism in the liver. With the global pharma market worth around $1 trillion and nasal and sub-lingual drug products accounting for some $10 billion, there is growing interest in these modes of drug delivery.

Device Advantages

Traditional nasal and sub-lingual drug delivery systems often use non-metering of the formulation and take the form of squeeze bottles and droppers. However, the benefits of metered nasal and sub-lingual spray devices are that they deliver a specified dose each time. Moreover, the spray developed by these systems will give an even covering of droplets or particles on the target areas, leading to more efficient drug distribution and absorption. They also avoid the classic problem of run-off of large droplets, which is often associated with traditional squeeze bottles or dropper approaches.

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