Aptar’s Volcano Flip-Top Lid for Inverted Packaging Launched at Fispal 2019 in Brazil

Volcano flip-top lid, Aptar Food + Beverage’s new closure for inverted packages, was exclusively presented on June 25th at Fispal Tecnologia 2019, the biggest and most complete technology fair for the food and beverage industry in Latin America. The 35th edition of Fispal took place at the São Paulo Expo, located in the South Zone of São Paulo, in Brazil. The event gathered more than 400 exhibitors and hundreds of thousands of visitors.

Given the market demand for lighter plastic packages with fewer materials, the solution brings significant weight reduction and offers components that are better suited for PET recycling processes. The reduced weight of 7.5 grams sustainably impacts the entire supply chain of the flip-top closure. “Volcano’s production process is designed to reduce energy costs, which, along with the reduction of material, brings a 39% decrease in carbon emissions over the production cycle compared to the previous version,”explains Paulo Pazinatto, President of Aptar Food + Beverage for Latin America.

More lightweight, convenient, innovative, modern, and simple, Volcano is made for 28mm threaded jars and adaptable to 1881. Its unique design brings convenience and simplicity, allowing for one-handed handling. The flip-top lid features sturdy hinges and outer ribs for better application in the filling lines, and fits snugly into the containers. Ideal for sauces and condiments in general, salad dressings, jellies and honey, the solution is available in standard colors white, black and green.

Volcano offers a product flow control through Aptar’s unique SimpliSqueeze® silicone valve technology. SimpliSqueeze® provides precise and safe dispensing, preventing product leakage or spillage, even when opened. This means a hygienic application and clean package every time. Another differential is the Swimming Silicone® technology, Aptar’s proprietary silicone valve formulation which allows the silicone to float during the grinding process, separating it from other materials in the recycling stream. All these elements make the solution better suited for PET recycling processes. Volcano is FDA (US Food and Drug Administration) approved.

“In addition to the environmental commitment, Volcano reflects consumer yearnings that, especially in the last two decades, have demanded practicality, individualization, convenience and customization. In this context, our flip-top lid for inverted packaging comes to make everyday life easier and go beyond the functional benefits,” concludes Paulo Pazinatto.

Visit our website to learn more about Volcano or contact us at info.fb@aptar.com.