Aptar’s Dispensing Solutions: A Focus on Convenience

At Aptar, we set the pace in developing dispensing technology by combining creativity with technical expertise to craft a highly focused product line. Although you may not be familiar with our name (Aptar is derived from the Latin word Aptare, which means “to adapt”), you likely use our products each and every day. Name brand products rely on our dispensing solutions to provide consumers with the highest level of convenience.

“What makes your life easier?”

By asking this question on a daily basis, our Aptar team is able to create intriguing and innovative solutions for today’s dispensing and closure needs. Now with facilities in over 20 countries, we are committed to recruiting talented, innovation-minded individuals from around the globe to join our growth-oriented organization.

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The video below highlights Aptar’s Lincolnton, North Carolina manufacturing center and offers an introduction to Aptar’s current operations and future vision.