Aptar’s Bonded Aluminum to Plastic (BAP®) Solution Provides New Experience for US Infant Formula Consumers

As the US infant formula market evolved from cans to plastic containers, Aptar’s bonded aluminum to plastic (BAP®) technology launched an innovative solution that completely transformed the US infant formula category.

The new package was not only designed to solve a variety of customer’s problems, but also to provide consumers with a unique and enjoyable packaging experience, eliminating complaints such as missing scoops.

Aptar developed a custom rectangular flip top closure featuring an integrated measuring scoop. Using the company’s proprietary BAP® technology the closure is supplied with the foil welded in place, which allows brand owners to eliminate the need for foil handling that is required with other standard plastic closures. This is a major benefit to our customers, as it can take an entire step out of their operational process.

Besides the operational benefit of not having to handle foil, BAP® also brings an enhanced consumer experience. To access the product, consumers simply flip open the lid, detach the scoop and use the pull ring to easily and smoothly remove the liner. No additional tools are required and no sharp edges are left behind. Further, the closure was designed to make preparing infant formula easier for parents: it includes a built-in scoop, hygienic scoop holder, and a scoop leveler that allows for precise product measurement.

BAP® Technology also allows the new package to be tamper-resistant, and the “all-in-one foil to closure solution” helps to deter against possible package counterfeiting. In addition to improving seal integrity and protecting product freshness and safety, the BAP® Safe & Fresh Seal decouples the sealing and opening performance. As a result, it reduces the force consumers need to apply to remove the foil and ensures a consistent experience for consumers each and every time.

Initially, the new package was launched by two brands in 2013, and due to its increased popularity in the last three years, today at least thirteen different brands in the US, from store to organic premium brands, are using Aptar’s BAP® solution.

Multiple Products

BAP® technology is highly versatile, offering brand owners a great deal of flexibility and the opportunity to differentiate their products on the retail shelf. The technology is ideal for a broad range of applications, including infant formula, nutraceutical and wellness products, processed foods, liquid and powdered beverages and household products. Closures can be produced in a wide variety of sizes and shapes, including non-round, and are available in one, or two-piece, styles as well as threaded and non-threaded versions.

To learn more about BAP® technology, visit www.aptar.com contact us at bap-technology@aptar.com.