Aptar Provides Premium Flip Top Packaging for Nestle Professional’s NESCAFÉ® Coffee Granules

Aptar Food + Beverage was selected by Nestle Professional to develop a new premium flip top closure for the redesign of its packaging for the NESCAFÉ® out of home portfolio. Nestle Professional’s new, premium metal tin features a slimmer, elongated square / round, or “sqround” shape, complete with a custom flip-top closure by Aptar Food + Beverage.

Additional benefits of the closure include an intuitive finger recess, an audible ‘click’ when closed to ensure proper closing to seal in the flavor. The closure also has a ‘peel-off function’ for easy removal after use which enables separation of materials for recycling. The lid of the closure provides added convenience as it will remain open during use for ease of access to the coffee granules.

Consumer feedback shows that the new NESCAFÉ® packaging is easier to lift and pour and is more hygienic as the closure stays on the container and does not touch the countertop. The new packaging has also optimized logistics and storage as the new shape allows for easier packaging and transporting and fits better on shelves, both in the store and at home.

Flip-top closures by Aptar Food + Beverage are also ideal for application fields such as infant formula, dry foods, snacks and cereals, vitamins and dietary supplements, as well as granulate and powder additives.

For more information, please contact marianne.baret@aptar.com.