Aptar Presents the Blue Collection

Aptar’s new textile designs for its bulb atomizer are centered around the legendary color blue in the perfume industry.

The bulb atomizer by Aptar is the first leak-proof bulb with a quarter-turn locking system, which can be delivered already on the bottle. It was designed with the fragrance in mind, with no contact between the bulb and the fragrance. Aptar’s Blue Collection bulb atomizer focuses on the following materials.

The Essential Mesh

This design incorporates new graphic effects featuring gingham, stripes, variations on denim and sparkling blues.

Blue Collection product

A New Take on Polyester

For the first time, the fabric used for the bulb offers new and original decoration printing alternatives such as floral, zebra and night sky patterns. The bulb is transformed into a graphic representation, giving brands a wide array of possibilities to visibly express a connection with iconic elements of their image or their fashion collections.

Blue Collection product2

For more information on Aptar’s Blue Collection, please send an email to newsroom@aptar.com.