Aptar Pharma Leverages Serumony Airless Dispensing Technology from Aptar Beauty + Home

Aptar Pharma is pleased to announce that the airless dispensing technology, Serumony, which was developed in the Aptar Beauty + Home segment for skin care, was used in the launch of a wound care dispensing system for the treatment of keratolytic scars.

The product was developed to establish a thin film of a silicone-based gel on the skin’s surface and features an added vitamin complex intended to enhance activity. For this particular application, the key benefit of Serumony is the intuitive and convenient handling.  With light pressure onto the bottom of the dropper, Serumony provides an accurate dose of product while retaining its hygienic properties. A drop of gel is dispensed directly onto the skin without having to touch the applicator. The package’s iconic and elegant shape allows our customer to differentiate the product and support brand identity.

Thanks to the support of our Aptar Beauty + Home organization, it was possible for the Aptar Pharma team in Italy to collaborate on our customer’s product launch. Another great example of the product and technology synergies within Aptar.

For more information please send an email to newsroom@aptar.com.