Aptar Introduces New BAP® Closure, Lift & Pull

Aptar is passionate about creating solutions that revolutionize the packaging industry. With our focus on innovation and attending to the market needs, Lift & Pull has been designed to replace metal can-ends. Lift & Pull brings a completely new experience to the consumer with its wide range of features and benefits, leading to customer and consumer satisfaction.

Most metal cans are coated with chemicals such as BPA (Bisphenol A), PVC (Polyvinyl chloride) and Melamine with the purpose of preventing packages from corrosion. Lift & Pull is BPA, PVC and Melamine free, completely eliminating the risk of contamination and therefore protecting consumers from exposure to such chemicals. It is approved for overpressure retort, providing the product with excellent tamper evidence and sealing performance, providing a fresh and safe product. In addition, the pull ring protects consumers’ hands during the opening process by leaving no sharp edges.

Lift and Pull Puncture Opening Lift and Pull.tif

Lift & Pull has a plastic pull ring that provides a consistent foil removal and lowers removal force up to 50% compared to metal can-ends. This makes it easy and intuitive to open for all age groups. The pull ring also provides minimum to no product flick for a cleaner opening. No tools, such as can openers or knives, are needed to access product and the product can be microwaved after the foil is removed.

AF Pics for Lift and Pull

Finally, Lift & Pull is unique, innovative, affordable and allows freedom to create different package designs. It can be offered as a stock solution or you can customize the lid. It is an excellent package delivery system for canned food, soup, pet food, prepared baby food and much more! If you would like to know more about Lift & Pull or our other BAP® offerings, please email bap-technology@aptar.com.