Aptar Food + Beverage Continues to Offer Sports Closures with Reduced Materials

Aptar’s Light Original™ sports closure, with its unique and differentiating design, has been a commercial success around the world. This is in part due to the fact that it was designed specifically to allow customers to benefit from a closure that uses less materials and allows for recyclability.

25% less weight,
improved performance


Sustainability has become an important part of the beverage industry. With the 1881 Light Original™ sport closure Aptar is making efforts to provide customers with additional options by designing the new closure which is 25% less weight than the Original sports closure.

The Light Original™ has already launched in the Latin American market with brands such as G Active Water by Gatorade (Mexico), e-purita (México), Acqua Ciel (Peru), I9 by PowerAde (Brazil) and Agua Crystal (Brazil).

Light Original™ is available with Aptar’s SimpliSqueeze® valve technology and offers a spill proof, precise and easy to use solution.

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Characteristics and benefits:

  • 28mm 1881 PCO
  • Design approved by the market
  • Advanced tamper evidence system
  • Superior sealing
  • SimpliSqueeze® valve capable
  • Two color piece customization available