Aptar Beauty + Home to Feature Oil Workshop (l’Atelier des Huiles) at Luxe Pack Monaco

At this year’s Luxe Pack Monaco show from September 21 to 23, Aptar Beauty + Home is focusing on a trend that stands out across all segments of the beauty sector: oil.

This formulation is currently experiencing record growth because of to its sensorial properties and natural connotations, and as a result of the substantial progress made in R&D, which has expanded both the efficiency and sensory appeal of oil.

Aptar Beauty + Home invites you to visit The Oil Workshop (l’Atelier des Huiles), an innovation space which highlights our initiatives for embracing this trend in our Facial Skin Care, Sampling and Promotion, Fragrance, Hair Care and Sun Care ranges. Step into this ultra-sensory universe, where you can explore the different gestures for applying oils.

Today, facial oils are the new beauty elixirs. Read the full article here.

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