Aptar Beauty + Home Launches Tropico, Multiple Stream Dispensing for the Home Care Market

Aptar Beauty + Home’s newest innovation, Tropico, was designed for the Home Care market and targets the Surface Care application field by allowing a direct application of the product onto the floor. Our new product combines the “ease of squeeze” with a delightful and unique multiple stream dispense, when a single stream just won’t do. Tropico provides the ultimate dispensing stream delivery with a fast and easy squeeze. The Tropico package dispenses and disperses product everywhere you want, going the distance for superior cleaning coverage.


Key Features of Tropico by Aptar

Easy Actuation
Simply invert and squeeze for product flow
Ability to control pattern size by varying amount of pressure applied to package

Superior Cleaning Coverage
Allows direct surface application
Multiple orifices create stream pattern resulting in a wider product dispersion
Continuous product flow gives consumers the ultimate control and a wide dispensing gesture for superior surface coverage

Unique shower-like pattern a delightful experience
Two color options that allows on-shelf differentiation

For more information, please send an email to newsroom@aptar.com.