Aptar Beauty + Home Introduces Solutions for Cosmetics

Aptar Beauty + Home is proud to introduce a collection dedicated to make-up artistry. In the world of makeup, your complexion occupies a special place. A perfect complexion is the basis for beautiful makeup.

Correct, conceal, even, highlight, and perfect… all of these beauty solutions come in a variety of formulas, with many textures, with one common goal: a bespoke experience for any makeup appearance, from natural to bold.

With this new collection, Aptar has taken into consideration the expectations of both our customers and the unique needs of end-consumers in different market sectors and geographical regions. As a brand expert, Aptar Beauty + Home brings together all its expertise to offer truly tailor-made solutions for every formula:

  • Fluid textures
  • Creamy textures
  • Foam textures

For these specific textures, we recommend atmospheric packaging for light emulsions, airless packaging for a more dense formula, and aerosol packaging for formulas that use oil-free pigment bases. Brands needing mini-packaging or promotional solutions can rely on our options for press samples, beauty box products, on-the-go alternatives, travel, gifts, and more.

For more information, please send an email to infobeauty.gbl@aptar.com.