Aptar Beauty + Home Continues to Enhance Spray Application with the Launch of Petite & Precious

La Petite: Subtle, elegant, refined and simply chic

The technology behind Precious and its “long time spray” action, combined with Aptar’s La Petite range, launched in 2014. Upon launching, Aptar Beauty + Home addressed the huge demand from brands for discreet technology. Ultra-compact on the outside and invisible on the inside with its concealed body, it does not compromise on any other criteria: top-quality spray action, actuation with maximum delicacy, and olfactory neutrality with no metal coming into contact with the fragrance. Many prestigious brands have already been quick to adopt it, including Nina Ricci for “Mini Nina”, Lady Million, Ferragamo for the “Trottole” collection, and Kenzo for “Jeu d’amour”.

Sensory appeal lies at the heart of innovation from Aptar Beauty + Home

In an effort to enhance the entire spray experience, Aptar Beauty + Home developed a sensory range for its leading spray, VP4, with the launch of Sensea in 2010, leveraging much gentler actuation and offering an ethereal fine-particle spray. In 2013, the range was expanded with Precious, combining both gentle actuation and continuous diffusion.

The result was a spray which gradually releases a mist of extremely fine particles for a broader motion and more even fragrance application. What had once been a repetitive technique with successive presses now became a more enveloping, more sensual experience.

Brands are increasingly coming to appreciate just how significant an impact the spray can make on the perceived quality of their fragrance. A fragrance can transport us to a world filled with luxury, dreams and sensory appeal, but it is vital that the spray help intensify that experience.

Petite & Precious: Discreet design and a precious experience

Making its debut at Luxe Pack Monaco, Aptar Beauty + Home will be unveiling its sensory innovation, which draws on the strengths of La Petite’s design enhanced by “long time spray” continuous diffusion technology. Once again, the spray is actuated with a very light press of the finger, gradually and continuously releasing the fragrance held within. Lasting three times longer but with the same dose, it diffuses a delicate mist that envelops your skin.

Petite & Precious combines all the visual beauty of refined technology with the sensory qualities of a next-generation spray.

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