A New Perfuming Gesture Designed by Aptar Beauty + Home for J’adore Touche de Parfum from Dior

When an exceptional fragrance is paired with a technological innovation from Aptar Beauty + Home, the end result is simply unique. For the new J’adore Touche de Parfum fragrance, Parfums Dior entrusted Aptar with reinventing the perfuming gesture and showcasing its latest creation.

J’Adore Touche de Parfum is the result of three years of close collaboration between the innovation, development and purchasing teams of Parfums Christian Dior and the research and development teams of Aptar Beauty + Home. Thanks to the new “NOTE” system, the perfume alights gently on the skin directly for a more intimate, precious and sensual experience.

What is the secret behind “NOTE”? It is a system which automatically recharges after each use, allowing the perfume to be delicately applied directly on pulse points.

Aptar Beauty + Home once again used its expertise in perfecting this timeless gesture. This innovation perfectly matched the expectations of the Dior Perfume House.

“This unique gesture makes J’adore Touche de Parfum a technological gem. We were won over by this new system for applying perfume, feeling that it dovetailed perfectly with the product we were developing. The act of application had to be different from that of a classic perfume. In short, a highly feminine and precise gesture. In addition, we wanted to come up with a bottle for women on the go so they could keep it in their bag and reapply their fragrance at any time of the day” explained the J’adore Perfume by Christian Dior team.

J’adore Touche de Parfum is already available in select perfumeries in France.

For more information on the “NOTE” innovation, visit the Luxe Pack Monaco trade show from October 21 – 23,  2015.

J’adore Touche de Parfum: Capacity 20 ml
Launched in France on 08/21/2015 – Launches internationally on 10/01/2015

For more information, please send an email to nataly.joubert@wanadoo.fr