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On March 14, people from around the world participated in Aptar Pharma’s live webinar “Growing Confidence in Airless Dispensing”.

Aptar Pharma experts, Dr. Stefan Hellbardt and Thomas Hauser, led the webinar, and outlined in detail the principles and benefits of airless dispensing solutions over traditional packaging. Aptar Pharma also presented their comprehensive product, service and support package, which underscores their trusted partner status for modern drug packaging development projects.

Polls conducted throughout the webinar helped to confirm the need to educate packaging and pharmaceutical industry professionals about airless dispensing systems technology. At the end of the hour-long educational webinar, attendees rated the quality of the webinar as “valuable”.

In addition, more than 50 percent of poll respondents agreed that the key benefits of airless dispensing for them were the protection of their drug formulation and the increase of end-user convenience. The large number of questions raised at the end of the webinar confirmed the considerable interest in modern packaging solutions such as airless dispensing in the pharmaceutical industry today.

Aptar Pharma’s airless dispensing solutions have launched with various drug formulations and have the power to be the first packaging solution of choice in the future for viscous pharmaceutical formulations.

The on-demand webinar will be available for the next twelve months, supporting Aptar Pharma’s mission of increasing confidence in airless dispensing.

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To learn more about this event and about airless dispensing solutions, contact Dr. Stefan Hellbardt.