Listen to Aptar Pharma’s Scientific Webinar on Nasal Drug Delivery

Our recent webinar entitled “The Nasal Drug Delivery Journey: From Systemic to Nose-to-Brain” was very successful and drew an audience of 220 attendees from around the world. Our scientific webinar podcast is available to listen to until September 2017.

The content of this scientific and interactive session, and the presenters’ remarks, were rated “very good/good” by 98% of the attendees.

Our panel of speakers – Pierre Carlotti and Gerallt Williams from Aptar Pharma and Julie Suman from Next Breath – covered several key topics such as:

  • Unmet medical needs and market opportunities for nasal drug delivery to treat central nervous system (CNS) diseases
  • Drug transport into the CNS via the nasal route
  • Nasal drug delivery devices that target CNS diseases
  • New opportunities in areas such as nose-to-brain drug delivery

For further information, please liaise with Gerallt Williams, Scientific Affairs Director for Aptar Pharma.


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