Join Aptar Pharma’s Live Webinar “Good Medicine: Solutions for Sensitive Injectable Formulations”

Aptar Pharma, a leading provider of innovative drug delivery systems, will host a live educational webinar presenting the benefits of high quality film coated elastomeric components and the role they play in reducing patient and regulatory risk.

Taking place on October 24, 2018, at 15.00 GMT, the webinar, entitled “Good Medicine: Solutions for Sensitive Injectable Formulations”, will be hosted by Dr Julie D. Suman, President of Next Breath, an Aptar Pharma business, and Adam Shain, Director Global Business Development at Aptar Pharma. The presentation will demonstrate how high quality film coated components meet compliance expectations while maintaining safety of supply for the drug product. They will also highlight how a proprietary film coating approach improves the robustness of the product.

This interactive webinar is primarily intended for R&D Managers and Engineers, Product Managers, as well as Operational Managers in Pharmaceutical and Healthcare companies, and will cover the following key topics:

  • How high quality film coated components address regulatory requirements
  • How to de-risk the component selection process
  • How process improvements can reduce contamination
  • How to evaluate the impact of steam and gamma sterilization on elastomeric components

Dr Suman comments, “Several complex challenges are facing injectables component partners, from increased safety and quality requirements to development of sensitive drug formulations, which necessitate the creation of more inert solutions with greater regulatory standards. Drug product manufacturers need flexibility to select components that meet their sterilization requirements.”

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