The Future of Eye Care: A Fascinating Field for Aptar Pharma

Aptar Pharma has its eye on the eye

The eye, including its structure and mechanism, has fascinated scientists and the general public since ancient times. According to the National Eye Institute, the number of Americans with major eye diseases is increasing, and vision loss is becoming a major public health problem. As the population ages, it is more important than ever to find safe and effective ways to maintain good vision. For a large percentage of ophthalmic diseases surgery remains the primary solution for treatment, however, non-invasive therapies are also available to fight impaired vision.

Aptar Pharma provides advanced eye care dispensing solutions for physicians, patients and consumers

Liquid ophthalmic medications are still considered the gold standard in the treatment of chronic diseases such as glaucoma, a condition in which the intraocular pressure (IOP) increases to a level which may damage the optic nerve and consequently lead to impairment or even loss of vision. But in terms of convenient products, such as lubricants or tears replacement, liquid formulations are inevitable. Medications are frequently taken for a very long period of time, some even for a lifetime, making it essential to provide safe and effective packaging. Preservatives are also looked at with great care these days. With its long-term history and experience in providing proprietary drug delivery systems for unpreserved medications, Aptar Pharma can meet the increasing demand for advanced packaging solutions for eye care treatments.

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