Sport Closures Make a Difference

In 2015 there will be an estimated 7.3 billion people in the world. The majority of these individuals live a multi-tasking lifestyle where being able to drink their favorite beverage on-the-go is a necessity. Sport closures are the ideal packaging solution for brand owners who are looking to keep pace with this consumer demand. In fact, sport closures were one of the fastest growing closure formats worldwide with a 21% unit increase from 2010 to 2014 according to Euromonitor International. This market will continue to expand as additional brands and their consumers recognize the added value sport closures deliver.

Sport closures are convenient. Consumers crave the ability to easily open, drink, and seal a beverage when driving, exercising, traveling, or performing any other on-the-go activity. Sport closures, such as Aptar’s Original, make drinking a cinch by providing one-handed opening, a comfortable drinking spout, and an attached lid which prevents closure misplacement. Convenient packaging is also critical when marketing to the most active consumer demographic of all, children. Sport closures provide young consumers with a safe, independent, and fun drinking experience. Furthermore, to the delight of parents worldwide, Aptar sport closures are available with SimpliSqueeze® valve technology which creates a spill-proof package.

The power of convenience cannot be understated. It is especially important for beverages that are typically consumed outside of the home such as sport drinks. Last year, Euromonitor reported that 23% of sport drink packages supported a dispensing sports closure. Having a convenient package reinforces a sport drink’s positioning and messaging as a beverage intended to be consumed while on-the-go. The Contender sports closure by Aptar is particularly convenient as it does not require a foil liner to be applied during the standard hot fill bottling process. Not having a secondary liner provides immediate product access and less packaging waste for consumers.

Sport closures are unique. Packaging is the last form of advertising a brand has before a consumer decides which product to purchase in a matter of seconds. In a progressively cluttered grocery aisle, having a differentiated package can very well be the difference between you or a competitor’s brand from being purchased. Sport closures catch the attention of consumers and provide a satisfying experience that will want to be repeated.

Sport closures make a difference. They improve the daily lives of active consumers by providing a safe, convenient, and engaging drinking experience. Aptar has the market experience, technical capabilities, and global presence to continue driving the sport closure market. Please contact us with any opportunities, questions, or comments.

Sport Closures Matter