No Liner…No Problem!

Aptar Food + Beverage launches two new sports closures that do not require a liner for complex filling processes.

Let’s face it, consumers don’t like removing liners before drinking their beverage. This is especially true for children and young adults whose active lifestyles have resulted in the need to consume their favorite beverage while on-the-go. Aptar believes beverage packaging should be more convenient and adapt to the needs of these mobile consumers. Therefore, Aptar is proud to introduce two new sports closures, Contender and Asepta, both of which do not require the application of a secondary liner for the complex hot fill and aseptic fill bottling processes.

Using an innovative bi-injected sealing system, Contender is able to adapt to bottle neck fluctuations which occur during the hot fill process. This versatile sealing system eliminates the need for manufacturers to apply a secondary liner on their package resulting in increased convenience for consumers.

Asepta is also a liner-less sport closure solution but for the aseptic filling process. This innovative sports closure has a non-removable tamper evidence which is engaged during the one-step opening process. Similar to Contender, Asepta also features a bi-injected sealing system and is available in a 38mm two thread neck finish.

Aptar Food + Beverage prides itself on the ability to answer consumer needs through the development of innovative and differentiated dispensing systems. With Contender and Asepta, consumers of beverage sport closure packaging will never have to pull, poke or tear off a liner again before being able to access their drink.

Contender & Asepta