Engaging the Child Consumer with Aptar

Packaging solutions that adapt to the lifestyle of the on-the-go child.

Children are key influencers to the food and beverage industry. Whether directly or indirectly driving purchasing decisions, it is important that a brand’s package grabs their attention and also leaves them with a satisfied experience wanting to be repeated. As a leader in providing dispensing solutions for children, Aptar’s dispensing closures are designed with this goal in mind.

The United States poses as a great example to the power this demographic possesses. Packaged Facts estimates last year the children’s food and beverage market in the United States was worth $23.2 billion. That is a reported 4.4% market increase from 2012. The report goes onto project the food and beverage market targeting children has the potential to grow to $29.8 billion in 2018. More and more manufactures are beginning to place a higher importance on the needs of this dynamic young population. To successfully market the child consumer it is critical that brands have packaging that compliments the needs of both the child and their parent. Children demand packaging to be convenient, fun, simple, and novel. Parents appreciate similar attributes but also search for safety, reliability, sustainability, and a clean label.

Aptar strives to create truly unique packaging experiences that obtain the trust of the parent and loyalty of the child. Liner-less sport closures, unique light weight designs, and SimpliSqueeze® spill-proof valve technology are some of the many solutions that balance the needs of both customer and consumer. Packaging is the last form of advertising a brand has to differentiate from competition. It also can make, or break, the satisfaction of consuming a product. Aptar stock and custom dispensing solutions provide the child consumer with a package that is convenient, exciting, engaging, and satisfying.