Aptar Chairman King Harris to Retire, George Fotiades Appointed Successor

After 40 years of insightful guidance and dedicated oversight, Aptar Chairman of the Board King Harris will retire, effective May 2, 2018. Mr. Harris oversaw Aptar’s predecessor businesses when they were part of Pittway Corporation where he played a critical role in fostering the original vision for Aptar. He has served on Aptar’s Board since it became a stand-alone public company in 1993 and was appointed Chairman of the Board in 1995.

His tireless leadership nurtured new thinking and shaped Aptar into a leading provider of dispensing and drug delivery solutions. He leaves an important legacy at Aptar that will continue to play a role in cultivating a company culture of success and innovation.

Aptar’s Board of Directors has elected current director, George Fotiades, to replace Mr. Harris upon his retirement. A member of the company’s Board since 2011, Mr. Fotiades is an accomplished leader, having previously served as president and chief operating officer of Cardinal Health, Inc., and in various leadership positions at Fortune 500 companies, including Bristol-Myers Squibb and Procter & Gamble.

With a deep understanding of Aptar’s strategy, markets and competitive advantages, Mr. Fotiades has been a valued member of the Board and is well-positioned for the role of Chairman.

In the coming months, Mr. Harris and Mr. Fotiades, along with the rest of the Board, will work together to ensure a seamless transition. The Board is grateful for Mr. Hariss’ valued leadership and looks forward to continued success under Mr. Fotiades’ direction.

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(Photo: L – Mr. King Harris; R – Mr. George Fotiades)