Visit Aptar Beauty + Home at Luxe Pack Monaco, October 2-4, 2017

Perfuming rituals, connected campaigns, customized formulas and a travel-friendly airless format are among the many Aptar innovations featured at Luxe Pack Monaco.

Explore 1,001 ways of applying perfume. With a wide experience and presence on every continent, Aptar has learned how to decipher perfuming rituals. These everyday steps are unique as they are shaped by the personality and culture of the perfume wearer, the circumstances under which it is applied and the type of perfume itself. Aptar has listed them in an unprecedented and poetic glossary. Visitors to Luxe Pack can familiarize themselves with the “Codex des Gestuelles” glossary associated with Aptar’s different packaging solutions.

Aptar: present in all markets, allowing for accurate, advanced knowledge on trends and consumer habits

A new digital experience. Aptar has established itself in the digital world, in partnership with the company MyPack Connect, with our Imagin sampling product. The aim is to offer brands a unique sample where, by simply scanning the object with a smart phone, consumers will have access to the brand or the product being launched. In return, Imagin Connected makes it possible to establish a relationship with consumers, along with measuring and boosting the impact of sampling campaigns. At Luxe Pack, Imagin Connected secrets and applications will be revealed in a dedicated space.

Aptar: a partner for decision makers in the fields of perfumery and cosmetics

Ultra-customization, the new beauty requirement. With a unique formula for each user, your consumers’ dream is now a reality. Developed by Aptar, the new Neomix experience offers brands the possibility of combining a booster with their skin care or make-up formula. Presented in a cartridge, it caters to every skin type, need or wish. The consumer can achieve a totally customized formula in one click, in a single pack. At Luxe Pack, Aptar’s ‘poetic laboratory’ will unveil Neomix, a new vision of bespoke cosmetics.

Aptar: a unique solution for each skin type

 You can now create a DIY airless version. As a leader in the airless systems market, Aptar is introducing an imaginative touch into its innovations with the creation of Twin Set, a smart and compact duo pack, created with two formulas of your choice. At Luxe Pack, brands are invited to create their own version: a travel format, beauty perfection, 2-in-1, mini treatment program, and more. Anything is possible!

Endless variations. The EvoClassic range is expanding to offer new customization options including new silver or gold, shiny or matte metal collars, a new pump design with round curves in a large selection of colors. Design is applied to every detail of the pack. At Luxe Pack, mix and match the different options to find a unique combination!

Aptar: a leader in packaging solutions able to meet consumer demands for safer products and formulas.

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