Aptar’s Dispensers: Bringing the “Three C’s” to Dish Care

According to Euromonitor, the use of dispensers on dish care packages has grown 5.9% over the last five years and expected to grow another 4.2% from 2016 to 2021.

Dispensers are the perfect solution to re-energize this sub-category and bring joy to the dish washing routine. Dispensers give the consumer added convenience and control, plus an attractive package that consumers will want to display on their counter. Aptar’s dispensers provide the “three C’s” which are:


  • Time saving, eliminating steps
  • No need to pick up the package to dispense


  • Clean and direct application to the sponge
  • Doses the right amount of product for the task


  • Selection of products to create visibly pleasing packaging to match kitchen decor or the consumer’s personality
  • Provides better accessibility to “clean as you go”

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